Marijuana plants usually have a green color to them. At the very least, most of us are accustomed to seeing it in this hue. Purple cannabis strains may exist, whether legal or not, and purple marijuana cultivars have been gaining popularity in recent years.

Despite the attractive color, the massive THC levels found in purple marijuana buds also add to its popularity. As a result, it’s more potent than regular marijuana.

Purple Cannabis Buds: What Causes Them?

Why do certain marijuana cultivars have a purple hue when most are green? Cannabis buds can change color depending on the conditions they are grown, and it happens on its own when marijuana is grown outside in freezing temperatures.

Anthocyanin, a pigment, was responsible for the color shift. Chlorophyll, the pigment that gives plants their green color, breaks down in freezing temperatures, producing anthocyanin. The plant contains anthocyanin. The plant, however, appears green because the chlorophyll content is higher. Anthocyanin’s effects aren’t visible until chlorophyll is no longer present.

The anthocyanin pH level now determines the plant’s color, and it can be red, purple, or blue. When the pH of cannabis buds is determined to be neutral, they turn purple.

This natural phenomenon has piqued the interest of marijuana users and gardeners, and purple cannabis may now be grown under normal conditions. Buds, leaves, trichomes, pistils, and trichomes are just a few of the marijuana plant’s purple features. The plant’s leaves may turn purple while the buds remain green, or vice versa.

It happens when the vegetation is exposed to the sun for several days. The leaves are removed after harvest, no matter how lovely the plant seems. It is why you should produce marijuana with purple buds and green leaves.

Because of their high anthocyanin content, purple marijuana buds have been linked to various health advantages. They are thought to improve the health of your heart and provide pain relief. Furthermore, the high concentration of anthocyanin in these buds shows that they are both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

How to Grow Purple Cannabis the Right Way and How to Grow Purple Cannabis the Wrong Way

Whether the hue of purple is pleasing or not, following these simple methods will allow you to grow the most powerful pot with high THC levels. It’s crucial to understand that there are much bad purple strain growing instructions on the internet, which we don’t suggest. These methods include depriving the plant of oxygen and shocking it with cold temperatures to achieve purple in a short period, and this will not result in a successful outcome.

It’s not good to use food coloring to achieve the desired purple color. It’s important to avoid these approaches at all costs, as poor growing procedures for purple cannabis buds might harm the plant’s quality and lower its yield. It isn’t what you’re looking it.

It is how purple cannabis types should be cultivated. If you follow these guidelines, you will not only get the desired results, but you will also acquire high-quality marijuana buds.

It all starts when you sow the right seeds.

You’ll need the right seeds to grow purple marijuana buds successfully, and your efforts will be futile unless you have roots with the genetic capacity to convert into purple. The amounts of anthocyanin in the seeds should be exceedingly high (the pigment gives blueberries that gorgeous purple hue).

When the days get shorter in the autumn and winter, chlorophyll levels drop. Anthocyanin is in control at this point and is responsible for the color. Finally, the following step is to establish an optimum habitat for violet cannabis buds to flourish.

Warm days and frosty nights are required for the marijuana plant to turn purple. It is suggested that you aim for a temperature difference of 30 degrees on average, and the night cycle temperature should be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) during the flowering season.

Marijuana buds begin to become purple in the 15 days leading up to harvest. If you followed the instructions in this post and kept the temperature at the proper level, you should have great purple marijuana buds in no time.

Consider the following suggestions:

It is normally recommended to grow marijuana buds outside because it is easier to control the environment and maintain the proper temperature. Outdoor cultivation of purple cannabis buds is possible, but it is more difficult owing to environmental factors.

Make sure the soil is suitable for the plant’s growth before beginning. Many things can stifle the growth of your marijuana kinds, including the use of ineffective nutrients or soil that isn’t especially meant for it. Make sure the ground is in good shape before growing the plant.